Two Fussy Blokes 9" SEMI  Smooth 10mm Sleeve

Two Fussy Blokes 9" SEMI Smooth 10mm Sleeve

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Two Fussy Blokes 9" Semi Smooth Roller Sleeve

Premium microfibre paint roller sleeve, designed to deliver smooth finish.

Size: 230mm/ 9 inch

NAP: 10 mm

Core: 1.75” (UK Standard)

Use on: Weatherboards, Brick Walls, Fences, Plaster Walls, Soffits, Rough Surfaces

Paint: Water based

This is the most versatile of our rollers, offering excellent paint pick-up, finish, and release. Able to be used with all water-based paints, the 10mm-nap 9 inch roller is commonly used to achieve a top-of-the-line finish on medium- to large-sized surfaces such as walls and ceilings.