The Goat Soap Company's Pink Grapefruit & Activated Charcoal Goat Milk Shampoo Bar

The Goat Soap Company's Pink Grapefruit & Activated Charcoal Goat Milk Shampoo Bar

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Pink grapefruit is cleansing and refreshing and activated charcoal is fantastic at absorbing scalp impurities, cleansing pores and excess sebum.

This shampoo bar will help in detoxifying the hair, reducing scalp acne and other scalp issues.

Each chunky, hand cut bar weighs approximately 120g and lasts ages!

Our goat milk shampoo bars are natural conditioning shampoos in a solid bar form. Most people find benefits in switching to a shampoo bar such as increased volume, faster-growing hair, reduced dandruff, shinier hair and less frizz.

If you have curly hair, most people say they that they have more defined curls with better control. Shampoo bars are good for all hair types and hair lengths.

Our shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients and contain no artificial fragrance, color, preservatives or any of the other synthetic hair care additives that can cause a dry, itchy scalp.

Made in United Kingdom

Message from The Goat Soap Company 


With our consistent no-waste ethos, our labels are not simply a wrap for our gorgeous soaps… plant them in the garden and watch them bloom into wildflowers!

Goat milk is renowned at being simply wonderful for your skin!

At The Goat Soap Company I make gorgeous goat milk soaps, shampoo bars, shaving bars, bath bombs, face creams, body scrubs, body lotions, facial serums, beard balms and serums using wonderful goat milk and other natural ingredients.

I don’t use any palm oil or SLS’s in my products and all of my packaging is eco-friendly.

My goat milk soaps have received fantastic reviews on both my website and Facebook.

People who suffer from eczema and psoriasis have found that it really helps!