Plantable wildflower seed Christmas / Xmas card

Plantable wildflower seed Christmas / Xmas card

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Need a Christmas Card and Gift in one? Want to be eco friendly? Fancy feeding the bees…. or just looking for a pretty card that can actually be thrown in the garden rather than the bin.

Lets face it we are all guilty of creating a lot of waste over Christmas, not only are these a novel idea they are also environmentally friendly.

Here is the answer a beautiful wildflower filled card, The cards are A6 and contain on average 100-150 seeds per card.

Simply tear up and wait for the flowers grow!

***Instructions for use ( printed on rear of card also )

As these are xmas cards and the weather will not be optimal for planting wildflowers…for best results save until spring and store cards in a warm dry place.

After the card is finished with simply tear into small pieces, soak in water, place into soil and cover over. For best results keep in a warm moist place but these will grow outside in a warm spot in the garden.

Made in United Kingdom